Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, Chris Eldin caught a fever.* She envisioned a place where books, authors, the hip partying crowd, and two shots of zaniness could come together to promote and enjoy what we all love! GREAT WRITING!!

But from the start, Chris did not want to make it the Eldin Show. She reached out to bloggers and friends (BTW, not a contradiction in terms) and made Book Roast a community effort. I've been privileged to be along for the ride since the wee days when the grill was lit. Please join the illustrious Roast Masters (Shona Snowden, Robin S. (Miss Savannah Spitfire), Phoenix, Stephen Parrish, Ms. Sally Spitfire, Blogless Troll, Sarah Laurenson, and Diesel) in thanking Chris for her vision and her ever-modest role as THE CREATOR. Everyone's invited to the party! Read on!!

*No, the only prescription was not more cowbell. (For you SNL fans.)